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Combat Arts in Costa Mesa

The Martial Lifestyle unlocked something deep within me that brought purpose, perseverance and peace to my life. The practice of healthy living and martial arts have reached far beyond the walls of the gyms I have practiced in; they taught me principles of self-awareness, humility, respect and discipline.

I have practiced in many studios and gyms throughout the years. They have all had wonderful things to offer but there was always a problem. Many people were always left behind.

Now I teach martial arts and the lessons we teach are too valuable to allow anybody to fall behind. Being fit of body, mind and spirit should be available to all people. That is the purpose of 5 Elements Combat Arts. We provide programs that give all people a chance to excel at being who they truly are.

Over the last few years we have humbly served Orange County and have helped many people become more than they ever thought possible. I invite you on a journey with us. Whether you just want to get in shape, learn to defend yourself, or even step into the ring we can get you there. From the very beginning to the very end of that journey. Every person has a warrior inside, wake that warrior!