Rules and Required Equipment

A mouth guard and cup (when applicable) is required for all Self Defense Students. All Students should wear a Five Elements T-shirt or rash guard. Full sparring gear is required to join a sparring session. All equipment is in our Pro Shop for excellent Prices.

Code of Conduct and Etiquette:

  1. Compassion for training Partners
  2. No egos or attitude on the mat, this leads to injury and ineffective training
  3. Treat all students as brother and sisters, treat all guests with respect
  4. Neatly trimmed finger and toenails, Maintain good hygiene
  5. No jewelry on the mat
  6. No shoes on the mat (except mat only wrestling shoes)
  7. All Cell phones off in the training area
  8. Proper safety equipment is required. Always have your cup and mouthpiece
  9. Always wear a clean 5 Elements T-shirt or rash guard and black shorts.
  10. Bow to the center of the mat when entering and leaving the training area
  11. Show up on time and line up ready for warmup. If you are late join the current activity.
  12. Be humble and listen, be humble and share with fellow students. Do not speak when the Coach is speaking. When he is finished please ask questions.
  13. No profanity or foul language in the gym
  14. Carry yourself with humility and dignity at all times in or out of the gym
  15. Train hard and with good ethics at all times
  16. Have fun and build true skill in the martial arts

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