About the Art

The 5 Elements Combat Arts System is as much, if not more, a way of life and a way of training than it is a traditional martial arts systems. Many martial arts systems characterize them selves with a few signature moves or a unique history or story 5 Elements characterizes itself by what it can do on the mat, in the street and for your health.

More on the philosophy behind 5 Elements Combat Arts:

The system was developed and continues to evolve based on rigorous and realistic testing, evaluation and selection of conditioning, fighting and training methodologies. The ultimate goal is to train well rounded and effective martial artists. Students will learn to use the 5 Elements as a way of learning and thinking to ultimately become independent free people and martial artists.

The 5 Elements Combat Arts training system is less a collection of techniques than it is a system of training by which the student is given guidance in their development as a martial artist. As a students skill set and technical understanding  increases they are then allowed to develop and grow. This gives the student the power to find their own strengths and weaknesses. During training sessions 5 Elements drops the distinction of rank. This enables the coach to execute their primary job more effectively, namely guide the students and help them discover the martial arts for themselves. This method will eventually lead down a path of self realization, self  motivation and self actualization. The method for achieving this is based on a few core principles.

1. Take what works from wherever it comes: If we find a technique that is simple and effective it will be taught. If a technique is shown to be ineffective it will be dropped.

2. Inoculation: Students will be exposed to realistic and random situations this breeds familiarity, familiarity helps build the foundations of confidence and self control. We train through this lens at all times.

3. Exposure: Students will be exposed to all aspects and tools for martial arts development. Once a student develops a competency in all aspects they will be encouraged to find their strengths and weaknesses and pursue them. Awareness and respect of the way things are  is necessary to becoming a well rounded martial artist.

4. Progressive training:  All drills and exercises are designed to teach a basic principle or idea. All students practice the same principles in class. As a student advances his drills are expanded into suggestions of how these principles are applied. This coupled with live training and inoculation allaws the student to understand their training on a technical and useful level. In terms of conditioning it means beginners will never be asked to “punish” themselves conditioning is achieved through steady progressive improvement. This way an out of shape beginner can be transformed, with time, to a tough, fit and capable martial artist.

5. Escape, react, and counter: Not all situation require a full measure of force. Say a belligerent drunken acquaintance as opposed to an attack during a late night ATM visit. Some situations can be aggravated if they are met with an all out assault and can even get the “defender” into legal trouble. While we advocate defense first we also give our students self defense strategies that can be safely used in any environment. How to deal with a bully all the way to a genuine attacker intent on doing harm.

It was with these principles in mind the 5 Elements Combat Arts training methodology was designed. We offer a unique five unit training system that allows every student to experience the full range of principles and situations that a martial artist may experience. The integration of these units allows the student to discover how basic principles build and interact with each other. This leads to a true instinctive understanding of martial arts. The five units are as follows:

Hands and Feet: This is where a student developed their stand up tools.

Body Control: A student develops the tools needed to grapple, wrestle, roll and fall.

Self Defense: A student is exposed to stressful situations and learns how to use their tools. This unit emphasizes reaction and improvisation in stress full situations. We also work on a few “street” tools

Sparring: This is an essential part of all training. This is the forum for the live expression and use of the tools drilled in the other units.  Students will box, kick box, submission wrestle, take down wrestle and finally experienced students spar in a no holds barred environment.

Classical: This unit is used to teach proper breathing and explore form. The student will develop strength, toughness, form and coordination through challenging  exercises. The students toolbox will also be expanded through the training of more uncommon but still effective techniques.

5 Elements Combat Arts is a great place to receives personalized training and guidance. You will not only become a good martial artist you will become your own martial artist.

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