5 Elements Self Defense

5 Elements Training System:

This unique 5 unit training system was designed to allow every student to experience the full range of principles and situations that a martial artist may experience. The integration of these units allows the student to discover how basic principles build and interact with each other. This leads to a true instinctive understanding of martial arts. The five units are as follows:

Hands and Feet: This is where a student develops their stand up tools.

Body Control: A student develops the tools needed to grapple, wrestle, roll and fall.

Self Defense: This unit emphasizes reaction and improvisation in stressful situations. This allows the student to learn how to apply their “tools”. We also work on adding to the toolbox with techniques that would be considered “street” only.

Sparring: This is the forum for the live expression and use of the tools that are drilled in the other units. Depending on their experience level students will box, kick box, submission wrestle, take down wrestle and eventually spar in a “no holds barred” environment.

Classical: This unit is used to teach proper breathing and explore form. The student will develop strength, toughness, form and coordination through challenging exercises. The student’s toolbox will also be expanded through the training of more uncommon but still effective techniques.

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