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LIVE! and FREE! on a 10′ screen! UFC 118 on Saturday August 28th at 7pm! Bring your own refreshments and bring your friends. Watch warriors on the mat while sitting on a mat!

5 Elements Combat Arts is forging effective and well rounded martial artists every day. We offer a unique training system designed to provide useful and effective martial arts skills, while maintaining a safe, active and fun environment.

Our training system was developed and rigorously tested  by a trio of martial artists with over 70 years of combined experience.  They have created effective realistic martial arts training for the modern world. Members at 5 Elements Combat Arts are given the ability to defend themselves in the street, hold their own in the ring, and manage their lives in a turbulent world.

Invest in yourself, build mental and physical strength, self discipline and self confidence. These things can’t be taken away or lost. Let 5 Element Combat Arts give them to you.

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