Tim, the head coach from 5 Elements Combat Arts, was invited to my office to help us with a health contest that we were having.  I found Tim to have great knowledge not only of martial arts, but about fitness in general.  He also had a good understanding of the capabilities and needs of the different age groups that were participating.  His upbeat and energetic point of view made it easy to work with him.

Katy Reese

I joined 5 Elements out of curiosity and what I gained out of my experience was confidence and courage with regard to my physical abilities.  Tim is an awesome instructor- attentive, constructive and VERY knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend 5 Elements to anyone who is looking for a great workout!

N. Kim - HB, CA

Highly energetic training. 5 Combat Elements allows the fighter to be versatile and adaptable. Makes you want to keep coming back for more.


I had the opportunity to attend the cardio classes held by 5 Elements Combat Arts. The class was instructed by Tim. I can honestly say the program is intense yet motivating at the same time. Tim motivates and encourages you and pushes your body to the limit. After the classes, I was exhausted but always looking forward to the next session. I highly recommend 5 Elements because you will get the results you desire and find that working out can be fun as well. His expertise and knowledge will impress you as well as change your life.

Joe Choi

The environment at 5 Elements Combat Arts is challenging but fun at the same time, which makes you look forward to working out!  Tim is encouraging, supportive and compassionate.  5 Elements has had a great impact on my health and well being, self-confidence, and my self-image. Thank you to 5 Elements for making such a difference!

Heather L. Simpson

I started training at 5 Elements over a year ago. My original goal was to find a way to defend myself against an MMA antagonist, but the wealth of knowledge and experience that has been passed on to me has far exceeded my expectations.
When I heard about 5 Elements from a co-worker, I decided to try it out since I’ve always been interested in various forms of fighting/self defense. I immediately realized how unique this Martial Arts training was. The personal attention given to each student was beyond anything I had experienced in other schools, and the philosophies taught in class were in line with my core beliefs, which basically correspond with Bruce Lee’s teachings. In addition to these aspects, I felt stronger with each lesson, until the only thing holding me back from advancing was myself. The head coach, Tim Overby, was able to see my strengths and provided me with the tools to enhance these strengths to a point where I was finally able to defend myself against him, even with his years of traditional training. This is not to say that I have learned everything there is to know, or that I could stop his attacks every time we spar, but the structure of the training has provided me with an excellent foundation to build from. I no longer feel that I am lacking when it comes to defending myself against any antagonist, whether they’ve been trained in Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Tai Kwon Do, etc.
One key to the training is that it is constantly evolving, so techniques never become stale or stagnant. If a student has a suggestion for a better, more effective technique, it will be added to the training arsenal. The head coach realizes that although he has years of wisdom, there is always something new to learn for him as well as his students.
There are also other opportunities for Martial Artists in the new 5 Elements training facility.  I’ve taken Kali classes (stick fighting), a Savate seminar (French kick boxing - with shoes), and I plan to take a Yoga/Thai Chi class when my schedule allows for it.
The goal of 5 Elements from my experience is to never stop learning, regardless of whether you’re a 5th degree black belt in 5 different styles of martial arts, Mr. Miagi, or Yoda.  This is the main reason why I suggest that any serious Martial Artist should join 5 Elements Combat Arts. You won’t be disappointed.

Astraes Locke


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